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February 14, 2018

SPOTLIGHT: From Astronomy, to Physics, Now Actress, SAG-AFTRA. Meet ANNEMARIE HAGENAARS by Calvin Schwartz February 14, 2018

 SPOTLIGHT: From Astronomy, to Physics, Now Actress, SAG-AFTRA. Meet ANNEMARIE HAGENAARS   by Calvin Schwartz  February 14, 2018



photo credit Metin Oner













at Garden State Film Festival reception in NYC June 2016 with Annemarie Hagenaars


Annemarie role as Dr. Schmidt

When you least expect it, you meet someone who’ll impact your life, make a return engagement, and impress beyond. Two years ago, at a Garden State Film Festival promotional event at a midtown NYC hotel, I met Annemarie, actress and a relative newcomer to America. Somewhere in time, at the Film Festival in Atlantic City, Annemarie also met her fiancé, Paulo Coelho, an accomplished singer-songwriter.  Therefore, we love the Garden State Film Festival (March 22-25, 2018 Asbury Park)

Over the past two years, Annemarie stayed in touch with me at NJ Discover. She had quite the story to share which fascinated, as we’ve just finished sitting, talking, traveling around the world in 180 minutes. Sure, it took two years to implement, but worth the wait.

Annemarie grew up in the Netherlands and by eleven years old, hobbies had materialized; astronomy and acting. “I had the lead role in a school musical called “Ghosts at Griezelsteyn” and discovered I liked acting.”  With Astronomy, there was always an interest in how people (astronomers) got their ideas. We chatted about one of her life’s heroes, Albert Einstein.  Before she took off her coat, I whisked her into my writing office, and showed my picture of Einstein, one of my heroes too. We discovered our commonality which makes for a great interview.  “Einstein had that great imagination and visualization to understand things about the universe.”




post performance
Photo Credit Paulo Coelho


a great attachment to Albert Einstein

“At 14, I really started getting into acting. I’d play roles in school plays and at local theater companies. On top of my school, there was an observatory, where every Friday night during winter, I went up there to observe.” In the Netherlands, acting was not offered at the University level so she studied astronomy. “After my Bachelor’s degree, I went to acting school and eventually went back to university to get my Master’s degree in Foundations of Physics. Then I gave myself a gift in 2010, to study acting in New York City for one intensive month at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (method acting).”

Back in the Netherlands, she started writing her one-woman show, ‘The Story of the Einstein Girl,’ a haunting supposition story relating to Einstein’s daughter.  In 2012, she was back in New York for a month, studied with Michael Luggio and worked in his classes on the American version of her one-woman show. Annemarie performed both the Dutch and American version of the play at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. After that, in the Netherlands, “I worked my ass off to find a way to live and work as an actress in New York.”

She worked as a researcher in Rotterdam four days a week and also performed ‘The Story of The Einstein Girl.’  Annemarie explained that in 1986, letters were found mentioning Lieserl, Einstein’s daughter. A friend gave her the book ‘The Einstein Girl,’ written by Philip Sington, which deals with what could’ve happened to the daughter. It’s all fiction besides her actual existence, which is true. “The company in Rotterdam always supported me, by giving me flexibility to take time off to perform.” Interestingly, Annemarie downplayed the strict standards of her company, in that they only hired the top 5% of the country’s grads, of course putting her in such an elite category.



readying for performance


“Embers” credit montage


As a journalist, I thrive on jumping around, digressing, egressing, addressing. So, I asked Annemarie “What are the five things you can’t live without?” To which she thought for a very long second, “Intellectual challenges, chocolate (I saw evidences as she perseverated on my wife’s chocolate brownies), fiancé Paulo, to be on a set, and New York City.”  Spontaneously, the four of us, sitting at my kitchen table, started singing, Christopher Cross’ “Caught Between the Moon and New York City.”

I mentioned that it had to be so hard for her to come to New York, alone, not knowing anyone. “I came to New York with no expectations. I immediately loved it here. The acting community is different. American movies, which I grew up with, because my parents loved watching American movies, are different from Dutch movies. I love the energy of New York. Here the sky is the limit.”  Currently, Annemarie works with two managers, one for commercial and one for film and television, and is now in SAG-AFTRA.





NYC caring for homeless


photo credit Metin Oner

Her first appearance in an off-Broadway show was in ‘Casablanca Box’, which is related to my all time favorite movie, ‘Casablanca.’  Speaking of favorite movies, I asked about hers. “Gladiator with Russell Crowe. Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain, favorite actors, and if Elia Kazan, director was still alive I would have loved to get the opportunity to work with him.”

My research turned up her recent trip to the Hamptons. I knew why. Her face excitedly illuminated. “I did my first SAG feature three weeks ago, ‘The Artist’s Wife’ where I was on set for two days. It was an amazing opportunity to meet and exchange life stories with Bruce Dern. I was so thrilled. And I met Lena Olin too.”

“What is your greatest strength and weakness as an actor”? She drifted into introspective thought. “My strength is that I am very devoted to a part and I do a lot of research. My weakness goes hand in hand with my strength. Sometimes the hardest thing is when you’ve done your research that you need to let go of all the preparation. You need to be able to truly live in the moment and trust that all the homework will serve you, without consciously thinking about it when you’re performing.”



Post interview in the Green Room


A natural progression of thought, I asked if she was ready to handle prospects of fame, which I strongly sensed was coming. “With this guy (Paulo) next to me, yes.”  My wife and I observed such a perfect magical couple.

Next, we talked about a recent project where she shared the lead. A hugely contemporary project, so news worthy, that it was actually rushed into post production to get it out. ‘Honeypot’ is a seven-minute film depicting how Harvey Weinstein went about harassing. It was written/directed by the successful photographer Jill Greenberg, based on NYPD files. Intellectually, we discussed the merits of the film in bringing more attention, reality and awareness to the Weinstein case. Annemarie played the part of the secretary, facilitator wonderfully. I noted her range of acting, then asked how she got this role. She was found by the casting director, Irene Stockton.



a special couple, Annemarie and Paulo

Winding down, nearing the 180 minutes mark of our time together, on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon, now turning dusk, I asked her, “Living or Dead, someone you’d like to have dinner with.” Instantaneously, “Albert Einstein.” I said, “Me too and finally, before you leave this earth, I won’t be satisfied until I…………”  Her answer was rapid fire. “Until I do something meaningful for humanity.”

A perfect ending to a special afternoon. Annemarie has that quality, depth, cerebral connection, conviction, determination and talent to succeed beyond wildest dreams. My conviction is that it’s only a matter of time such that I asked when she’s getting a Golden Globe, Academy Award, Emmy, or whatever, do me a favor, since we’re now friends, get me backstage. It was a deal.




Calvin Schwartz











June 15, 2017













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June 15,  2017

The Oprah Magazine

Oprah Winfrey, Founder and Editorial Director


Dear Oprah:

The energy for this letter began on Tuesday April 18th when you were a guest on the Dr. Oz Show devoted to “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” (a wondrous film). I knew that I’d be sitting in the special VIP first row seats, close to the guest sofa. I wanted to get your attention so I wore my ‘loudest’ socks which you noticed. My legs were crossed and gyrating. You smiled at me and my socks. There was a reason for attention getting.

Last summer, I began mentoring two special recent Rutgers University graduates, Chisa Egbelu and Kayla Jackson. Chisa and I met four years ago at the Garden State Film Festival. He was a film intern and I was there to see a cutting edge film on Emmett Till.


with Chisa Egbelu and Kayla Jackson at IDT headquarters in Newark



with Senator Cory Booker along the Jersey shore

Two years ago, Chisa and Kayla conceived a company, PeduL ( which would become an online crowdfunding tool that connects students with resources and support they need to pursue higher education. I always look at the whole planet earth and big pictures. Coming up with ways to help educate youth across the world, can change courses of history. Taking some of the burden away from financially strapped government is good stuff.

I believed in these “kids,” so last summer I started mentoring them. Then I met with Senator Cory Booker here in New Jersey. I asked him for 44 seconds time. (same time to read letter). I explained the same thing. Three days later, his aide called me and I brought the “kids” from PeduL to meet with his top education aide at his Newark office.

A year ago, IDT Ventures in Newark, part of IDT Corporation, a billion dollar plus telecommunications, pharmaceutical, entertainment and energy company took PeduL into their incubator program.



with Nick Clemons, Andrew Schuman and DR OZ from April 18th


Why did I wear those socks? To try and get your attention and talk those few seconds with you as I did to Senator Booker. I marvel at you, your accomplishments, humanitarianism and commitment to global education. I felt you should know about these special “kids” and their vision of a better smarter future and world.

If ever you’re floating around New York City and…………

Wishing you much success with the film and only good things always and all ways.



PS:  I’ve enclosed pictures to aide in my story telling. They are my socks which you smiled at, with Kayla and Chisa in Newark, with Senator Booker and with Dr. Oz, Nick Clemons (son of Clarence Clemons) after the show.

April 11, 2013

April 12th Miscellaneous: What Happens When I Look at a Picture. Not Quite 1000 Words. and Asbury Park on my Mind. April 12, 2013

Sometimes I have no clue where the time goes. I have been blogging here for 3 years and loved every evolution. When I started his blog, I was ‘home’ for the holidays and for 365 days a year so there was time to reflect and update the blog weekly. Then after two years, I became a journalist in (Asbury Park) Monmouth County, New Jersey and a few months after that started with NJ Discover TV and suddenly last autumn, I’ve got a whole new life. From whence I’ve become a music, art and para-normal journalist. I also still thrive on environmental reporting. But I can’t get to this blog as often as I’d like. You get pulled in new directions. This blog is my home. So is NJ Discover and Facebook. I do write very creative things daily on my Facebook wall (Cal Schwartz) and more so on my Calvin Schwartz-Cerebral Writer (

wall. So if you’re reading this, come join me on Facebook, friend me and we’ll stay in touch. Yes I’ll always blog here.  I’ve also been asked to write a biography of  one of the most important figures in the global music world and I’m deeply honored and thrilled. That takes time away too. So in the interest of quirky fascinating blogs, I’ve chosen to bring some pictures and accompanying words from Calvin Schwartz-Cerebral Writer for this blog installment. They’re all short stories so to speak and most pictures I took exploring the world. Be well.


with writer, actor, director Joe Basile of movie ‘West End’ ( ) filmed on the Jersey Shore. for me a powerful character study which i loved. tonight film at Soho Intl Film Fest. it won in Garden State Film Fest where THIS pix taken last week Asbury Park paramount theatre. i orchestrated (in the orchestra section ) this pix. using special effect of sloping aisle so Joe looks so much taller. as i observed earlier Joe reminds me of a young (Rocky) Sylvester Stallone.(same multi-faceted) cal schwartz, writer,






i don’t sit still. watching a live radio WCTC broadcast last week. i snuck out. climbed stairs in the old paramount theater in Asbury Park. the 2nd floor. rather haunting. desolate. a few small lights in hallway. then to third floor. it was awful chilly on staircase. felt not alone. then i found this door to 3rd floor. but i stopped. the ambiance made me. i turned around. now i’ll always wonder what was behind the door. i just finished a banana. i need the potassium.









lately. sitting in a remote spot. on a beach. or on the 2nd floor backstage of an old theatre which is probably haunted i think about things. the pursuit of clarity. i carry a camera to facilitate. never carried a camera before. suddenly last summer i started. PIX: sunday from the electricity of the JAM awards in Ocean Grove (444 feet from Asbury Park) near the very end of the 7 hour show, a band on stage and i drifted far away. long ago. and i was moved. and remote. and how i wished my father had remote control growing up.








when i was in kindergarten i couldn’t sit still. i wandered around. never raised my hand. called out things in class and annoyed the teacher who wrote my parents a letter. eisenhower was just elected president. perhaps the letter writing today is substituted for chemicals. point being. i was sitting in the Paramount theatre in Asbury Park on friday part of Garden State Film Festival and while WCTC 1450 was doing live broadcast(with Bert Baron) i couldn’t sit still. i explored the deep recesses of the greasepaint and theatre. backstage and upstairs where the temperature seemed to drop 20 degrees. hey it gets hot tomorrow in jersey (80 degrees)









sometimes i like to slip thru barricades and go where i’m not supposed to.captain kirk went to places beyond. i remember a 60’s song, imagination. there was this huge party on the beach blanket. people were playing bingo. PIX: roaming around on day before Garden State Film Festival at Asbury Park convention hall. indeed greetings and lights and ocean. Festival concludes today. “you should’ve been there”








it’s 4:21 am. it’s either quite late or eerily early. most pictures i post here are from my own taking. i looked for a while and i couldn’t find that certain feeling of expression. but i have sources. i’m a journalist after all. so here’s a strange pix. a year or so ago in my blog at i used to tackle some consumerism issues. i strayed. but earlier today i heard a report about drug stores(chains mostly) and the prices they charge. i used to be a pharmacist in an earlier life on another planet. now i can say how some unsuspecting americans are raped by out of control prices. a month supply of a generic statin drug is $20 at a ware house pharmacy and $150 at a neighborhood national chain. is there a better word than rape. i think it’s time to watch wuthering heights again.. and to pretend i am heathcliffe.









perhaps a cosmic magnetic phenomenon but i am always drawn to the jersey shore. even yesterday. a cold wind. but i found my way to Asbury Park and watched rebuilding and construction. i climbed over a barricade and took pixs. a worker approached and asked if i was with the city of Asbury Park. he told me i need a hard hat to be on the construction site. i said (quoting the terminator) “i’ll be back” knowing i didn’t have a hard hat in the trunk. but i had telescopic lenses. and the jersey strong shore will be open for memorial day.








i don’t know. there is a certain beauty to urban art. decay. abandonment. disrepair. so i stared at this scene in long branch nj. actually on the set of a movie, ‘The Soulless’ appropriately dealing with zombies and other matters. far from an amusement park with ice cream, cotton candy, dreams and rides back to the future. i enjoy the solitude of urban settings and wonder when and who and why. some times i wonder about picking up a blowing in the wind piece of paper. holding it. and then writing about it. imagination. “the origin of dirt’. hey its tuesday. yogurt with pineapple. somewhere up north maybe its pasta.











i ponder the phenomenon of urban living. spatial requirements. concrete roads as opposed to clay to ride bikes on. often i’ve tried to gather the gumption to find a cabin like henry (d. thoreau) did. i travel often the introspective highway to see if i could support myself in a cabin (sustainability is a hot buzz word). then the truth slaps me hard. i snap out of it. and realize i need suburban living. and get this. i’ve come to accept i am addicted to the smell of new jersey car exhaust in the morning. sitting around walden pond even though its commercialized now can not afford me the car exhaust i need.









fri night. a view of backstage at a backstage event at the strand theatre in lakewood nj (built in 1922) the band, ‘slim chance and the gamblers’ dazzled. funny, curious. i was in lakewood exactly one week before when Tent City residents went to court to fight for human dignity and their tents. later around midnight i walked around the deserted streets of lakewood. papers blew in the wind. reminded me of sagebrush. tumbleweed. i was in the western town dodge city. billy the kid told me to ride out of town. and not to stop. then i realized i was all alone. “shane, come back”








i hung out at the MET museum in NYC. quite frankly i love museums in nyc. a long time ago i used to go and study etchings with a notebook. better than a singles bar. now it is pure absorption. i was fascinated with sculptures in the atrium adjacent to a cafeteria. and i smiled at the oblivious scene all around. in their own worlds of egg salad wraps and decaf coffee. it also reminded of a scene from hitchcock’s ‘north by northwest’. when the gun goes off. except a little boy puts his hand over ears before shot. happy thursday.







omigosh its 1:11 am friday. i write best with the sounds of silence all around. its been a long time since everyone on the street where i lived went bowling. well, once a month anyway. then after to a local diner for french fries and gravy. there were no tuna wraps back then. no wraps at all. now its rap. my parents balked when bill haley and the comets started. they were hooked on benny goodman, duke ellington and glenn miller. for a long time i wondered about getting the perspective from where the bowling pins hung out. what they see and feel. so i ventured. so i saw. not sure i felt yet. maybe friday at 1 pm on the steps of the ocean county court house. thanks to Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park New Jersey








someone recently asked why idea of cerebral writer. a long story. lot of roads. inspirations. observations. spiritual interventions. and of course an on going process. i was thrilled hanging with auguste rodin and other cerebral statues in an urban museum. later when the museum lights were off, i walked into the world of Egyptian antiquity. they make movies about these experiences. pix: me and Balzac athlete. i would’ve taken him one on one in a nearby playground but i wasn’t dressed for it.







                                                                                                                                                                         Please “LIKE” CALVIN SCHWARTZ-CEREBRAL WRITER.                                                                                                                    

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