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Muslim, Catholic, Coptic Christian and Jewish:

President Obama gave a speech in Egypt at the beginning of June, 2009 stating how America looks to the Muslim world with understanding and respect, which is exactly how 'Vichy Water' presents its diverse religious characters.

Women's Issues:

Strong, but subtle, cerebral references to women's issues/perspectives. Perhaps a challenge is now issued to discover intent, content and relevancy.


A sensitive view of their world as seen through the eyes of two white teenagers beginning in 1960 Newark, New Jersey.

Baby Boomers:

From pinball to From Here to Eternity to 60's innocent sexual conquests (interpretative), tech-noir movies, a real milk man and a coal bin in the cellar (do boomers go back that far?)


Poignant descriptions of a son and father and repeated kissing of a cranial soft spot.

Rutgers University Students and Alumni:

Campuses are used for many scenes. A main character is an alumnus as is the author.

Princeton University Alumni:

Main characters are alumni.


Powerful continuous references to environmental warnings, global warming, clean water and certain American companies' failures. Author likes shock approach.


Spiritual references, angelic intervention presented from first hand experience.


Provocative issues discussed; perhaps creating a heightened awareness on equal justice initiative, environmental justice and consumerism.

Eye Care Professionals (The Three 0's):

It's not everyday when one of your own writes a novel. The author has sold eyewear as a rep for the past twenty-eight years. Patients and customers might enjoy the read.

Weequahic High School, Maple Avenue School Alumni and Newark, New Jersey:

With such active alumni, need we say more?

Sedona, Arizona:

Thoughts, action and memories take trans-continental journeys to Sedona's vortex and spirit. Might really spur tourism if that's what you asked for.

Tuna Fish Purveyors:

The food is talked about (one recipe alluded to) right up to the last mercury laden tuna catch in perhaps twenty years.